Review is a premium online store that specializes in the sale of over 25,000 health and beauty products. These include minerals, supplements, cosmetics and even fragrances. Each and every one of the health and beauty products are provided at reasonable prices with up to 60% off the prices that are available in the local stores. The site provides the best brands in the market such as Swanson and Now Foods and Doctors A-Z. This therefore means that the buyer has access to the best brands available and at the cheapest prices available too.

The site prides itself in the excellent customer care services that are provided. It is exceptionally provided to the customers and has been one of the major reasons why has many loyal customers who buy from the site on a daily basis. In addition to this exceptional service, there are tough measures that are put in place in order to ensure that the buyer’s information is kept private. Reviews

An online reviewer who prefers to remain anonymous is optimistic about the site. She says that the site is great and that they make deliveries on time. The only thing to keep in mind is that if things go wrong then one should not expect to get a solution to the problem or get a refund on the money used for the purchase. She learnt this the hard way as she made an order for Seven Seas Joint Care Pro complete 3-in-1 thirty capsules at £14.35. Instead, her delivery contained Seven Seas Joint Care complete capsules which she cited she could have bought from another store at £9.99 which is much cheaper. Her reports have fallen on deaf ears and nobody has attempted to rectify this situation.

Another anonymous user also ordered from the site via Amazon. They were assured that whatever they ordered was actually in stock and that the delivery would be made as scheduled. Fourteen days later, their order remained undelivered. Upon lodging a complaint the response they got was that whatever they wanted was out of stock and that the company operates from Jersey. There was nothing to indicate that they would be refunded or that the order would be sent. Coupon Codes

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• HM505 is a coupon code that offers £5 off as a discount for orders that are above £50 and also offers free shipping in the UK.
• HMSEP750 is a coupon code that offers £7.50 off as a discount when the buyer spends over £50.
• SUMMER25 is a coupon discount code that offers £5 off of every purchase above £25 that is made during the summer. is an interesting site in terms of the discounts that it offers. There are discount codes that are available seasonally during summer and spring while there are others that are available at other times of the year. The buyer is therefore able to take advantage of these discounts by subscribing to an email alert from the site for whenever discounts and coupon codes are available.

Conclusion is an online site that is actually not a scam. There is information that is available to support this fact. There are orders that have been placed and received on time while there are others that have encompassed mix ups and no deliveries. The latter information sheds bad light on the company even though the former shows that people can trust this site. The person in charge should ensure that something is done in order to rectify the problems that the site faces. In light of all the information 3 stars are fairly awarded to the site for the general performance.