As a career resource,’s tools separate the search engine from its competitors, but the lack of some expected application features may turn off job seekers looking for speed and efficiency.

The Good

Unique Career Portfolio infographic

Like LinkedIn, is uprooting the traditional resume. creates a visually appealing infographic of your work history, skills, accomplishments, and awards, which acts as a destination to point contacts and recruiters to. By keeping this information updated, you not only have a professional online presence to promote yourself but also a more artistic way to stand out to potential employers.

Hundreds of professional communities

If you like to keep up on all the latest trends, news, and opinions in your industry, then’s Career Network is for you. Join the conversation in one of the hundreds of interactive talent communities. These communities are great places to uncover industry insights for use in an interview or when networking for a job. Millions of people use these communities every day to share information and to support others seeking jobs in their industry.

Personality assessment tool for career exploration

If you’re considering a completely different career,’s personality assessment tool is a great starting point since it helps you figure out what motivates you and helps identify your perfect job. The free personality questionnaire shows you what personality type you fall into. After you complete the test, you receive a Candidate Personality Assessment and Career Mapping Analysis Report to help you match your personality type to career paths that are ideal for you.

Premium membership features to help you stand out

If you’re willing to spend some money during your job hunt, for $24.95 per month, loads you up with tools to help you get noticed. For instance, you get listed on top in employers’ databases when you apply to one of their jobs, which increases the chances of getting your application read. Additionally,’s Twitter job feed and premium company search tools add more ways you can find a great job.

The Bad

No multiple resume upload feature

Many people use multiple resumes so they can tailor their application to different industries or companies, but does not have a multiple resume upload feature to ease the process. If you can’t easily upload multiple resumes, then you must re-edit and re-upload for different applications. This kills time during the job search process and is a source of frustration for many applicants.

May have to enter your information multiple times

Once you’ve created a profile on, you can usually apply to jobs directly from their site. However, some employers don’t allow you to do this and require you to re-enter your information on their website in order to apply. This means applying for a job could take a little longer on than on some other career sites, but in most cases, this shouldn’t be an issue.